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''After recovering from a knee arthroscopy I was experiencing some tightness and pain in my muscles and tendons surrounding my left knee. Amy was able to target the key areas with different sports massage techniques and help relieve the problems. She also used lymphatic drainage approach to help reduce the swelling in my knee joint. Amy was able to suggest some useful stretches and exercises to help my continued recovery and useful ways of managing my knee for as part of my lifestyle the future. She has a very caring, professional approach and is easy to talk to which creates a purposeful but relaxed atmosphere to her sports massages. ''

Ben, Director of Sport

''Amy is a very friendly and professional therapist.  She sorted out the muscular tension I had in my neck and shoulders and I have continued to see her on a regular basis to maintain the flexibility.  I can highly recommend Amy to anyone.  Her knowledge and skill is second to none.''

Sue, Retired

''I first contacted Amy because of severe lower back pain. I was impressed with her sympathetic yet professional manner, and by how she was able to help me manage the pain, both with direct massage and suggestions for stretches I could do in between treatments to help myself. She even recommended a local osteopath, who was able to deal with the underlying condition, whilst Amy continued to focus on easing the painful symptoms.

Amy is a skilled therapist, who demonstrates a real concern for each client’s well-being. She conducts a thorough consultation and assessment before she begins the first massage session. She is adept at making her clients feel at ease and works collaboratively to ensure each session is effective. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.''

Diane, Teacher

''Amy is very knowledgeable and professional - she always takes the time to understand the issue and tailors each massage accordingly. Her massages have been key in treating my tennis elbow (I'm pleased to say I'm now pain free), and she's also worked wonders on my neck and the knots in my back. She has a lovely manner and I always leave the treatment room feeling relaxed.  I highly recommend Amy."

Dulcie, IT Specialist

''I recently underwent a course of treatment at Starr Sports Massage, following problems with lower back and leg pain. The pain could be quite debilitating at times and with a European motorbike tour planned, I knew that I would find long days in a seated position extremely difficult.

From the first session, Amy listened to my description of the problem, and assessed not only by back, but also my legs and glutes to identify the source of the issue. I was given an exercise program to loosen my lower back and glutes, and with Amy’s expert manipulation of these areas during our sessions, I immediately started to feel the benefits.

Thanks to the treatment I received, I was fully mobile again in very little time, ready for the motorbike tour, and able to endure long days in the saddle.''

Ross, Motorcyclist

''After struggling for several years with knee injuries and seeing various physios I decided to try the sports massage route. After my first visit I could see improvements and have now just completed my first 10k run in about 6 years. I will continue to see Amy in order to keep reaching my goals and know that she will keep me in one piece as I continue to train - I would highly recommend Amy. ''

Abi, Netball player

''I've become a bit of a regular at Starr Sports Massage over the last year...Being a keen road cyclist, I was becoming increasingly frustrated by a niggling lower back pain, which often flared up following longer rides. I explained the symptoms to Amy on my first visit and over the following eight weeks of regular sessions the pain and stiffness began to ease. Amy is very professional in her approach and was able to explain and pinpoint the causes and suggest some additional exercises which would complement her treatment. Within a short period of time, I was able to notice the improvement, was sleeping better and almost completely pain free. I have continued to see Amy on a monthly basis, as more maintenance than anything else. As a result, I now feel stronger and have noticed a marked improvement in my endurance when cycling and very little pain post ride. I cannot emphasise enough the benefits of a good sports massage and I would highly recommend Starr Sports Massage."

Adam, Road cyclist

"Amy has been invaluable in helping me to recover after a knee injury. She has treated both the injury and helped identify some of the possible causes and treated those to help prevent reoccurrence. Amy creates a very relaxing atmosphere and is excellent explaining what she is treating and why, whilst also giving advice on what to do in-between sessions to continue to progress."


"I've been using Starr Sports Massage for just over a year now as part of my mid and end of season recovery programme. Amy is has great anatomy knowledge, particularly around cause and prevention of injuries and a range of techniques that target problem areas. The clinics are friendly and welcoming with evening sessions available which I can fit in around work. I'd be very quick to recommend Amy to any of my colleague or teammates needing treatment."

Chris, Hockey Player

''Amy has been of enormous help in steadily improving an historical arm muscle injury. As a cyclist she has helped alleviate deep tissue muscle knots and generally assisted my recovery and flexibility. Amy has also offered excellent advise on exercise and stretch programmes for me, and providing nutritional guidance during a long term personal aim of middle age health and fitness improvement. Friendly, professional and courteous to deal with and working from lovely premises.''

Peter, Cyclist

''I have been visiting Amy for about a year now.  Amy started working on an ankle injury that caused poor lymphatic drainage; over the year the ankle and foot have slowly started to return to their normal size.  Amy has also been helping me with my lower back which is a constant issue and after having a message there is always a marked improvement.

Amy is highly professional, approachable, friendly and instantly puts you at ease.  I would thoroughly recommend Amy.''

Nikki, Yoga enthusiast

''Since getting to know Amy and receiving her expert care, I feel that the tension I experienced is under control. I no longer suffer from its debilitating effects.  Amy has a gift for aiding relaxation and removing stress.  She has given me hope''

Alison, Language specialist

''I have been receiving sports massages for over 25 years and I am particularly particular with the quality service I receive. After living in London over 30 years and having been very fortunate to have some of the top sports masseurs in the country.  I needed a quality massage as I coach professional sport weekly and I found that in abundance in Amy's massage. Amy is so professional from the outset, not only in her administration but the quality and delivery of the actual massage. The facilities are second to none and her professional approach and care for her clients puts her in a league of her own. A weekly massage keeps me safe from injury and still at work, so I am thankful Amy knows how to treat by body. Thank you Amy !! You have become an essential part of my week.''

Eduardo, Tennis Coach

''I had my first appointment with Amy when i was suffering with stress through work - this had badly affected my neck and shoulders. From my very first massage I felt so much better - not just in my neck and shoulders but in my general wellbeing, i had regular weekly appointments during that time and now see Amy once a month for some ‘me’ time. I thoroughly recommend making an appointment - you won’t be disappointed.''

Sandra, Administrator

"I have been seeing Amy twice a month since early 2015 as part of my ultra-marathon training regime.  Amy has the ability to find the knots and pressure points in my leg muscles and clear them out, identifying the root cause of the issues - something that I haven't experienced with previous masseurs.  So far I have been able to increase my weekly mileage and consistency of running without any major issues, with Amy's sport massage being a large contributing factor."

Chris, Ultra Marathon Runner

"I've recently been training for the Great South Run and been in need of a good sports masseuse in the Newbury area to ease my pains! Amy was very professional and assessed my needs prior to the massage. Her background in dance means she really knows what athletes go through and massages to aid recovery. I can highly recommend her, and wouldn't go anywhere else."

Ella, Runner


"A very deep, slow moving and controlled massage that really targeted my tense areas at a level that Swedish massage could not reach. Amy is clearly very knowledgeable about her work and I knew I was in safe hands in a friendly, clean environment. I would thoroughly recommend Starr Sports Massage, and the evening appointments fit well around my 9-6 working schedule."

Sophie, Office Worker


''Starr sports massage is a fantastic service. Amy can fit around my busy work and training schedule and a good sports massage just what I need with increasing my mileage. I would recommend her to anyone!''

Chloe, Runner


''Carrying heavy equipment and spending most of my day at a desk often causes me an aching neck and back. A massage from Amy leaves me feeling extremely relaxed and  free from any aches and pains. I've also noticed a big improvement in my posture. A regular sports massage is essential now that I've discovered the benefits!''

Ben, Office Worker


''[Amy] is very good at identifying the sources of tension in the muscles and manipulating them to relieve the tension and relax them. She is also a lovely person and very easy to chat to, I felt at ease and comfortable around her at all times. I certainly recommend her''

Ilona, Body Builder


''I'm not the most gifted athlete in the world but being a healthy and consistent runner requires minimising injuries. Thanks to Amy I manage to hit my goals without falling to pieces during the build up to target races. Highly recommended''

Chris, Runner


''I've been seeing Amy for several months now. I initially went to see her following a gym related, lower back injury. When I first visited I was struggling to walk properly. After the first session I was able to straighten up and walk normally.  After several visits Amy had me back training and pain free. I’ve continued to see Amy for regular maintenance sessions. Amy is very professional and always performs a thorough evaluation before treatment.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amy to anyone''

Fraser, Scientist



If you've had a treatment and want to give us some feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Head to the contact page and let us know.

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